Clarkson Angels
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Infant Program (6 weeks – 18 months)

(Teacher: Child ratio 1:3)

Our Clarkson Angels Infant program is a calm, soothing, happy environment. Infant’s daily needs are met with smiles and constant eye contact. Loving interaction between infants and our Teachers are given during diaper changes, feedings, rest time, and playtime throughout the day.
Infants are taught sign language in conjunction with learning words, emphasizing strong communication skills. They are spoken to about what they are seeing and experiencing thus encouraging their vocabulary development.

There is plenty of cuddle time and infants are given plenty of individualized attention. Thoroughly planned activities will keep your infants stimulated, engaged and entertained throughout the day. Our Infant program is designed to meet your infant’s physical, intellectual and social development.

Parents are kept up to date with a daily report of feeding times/amounts, diaper changes, nap times, and activities that occurred each day. Staff is responsive to each parent’s concerns and suggestions and baby’s achievements are joyfully shared.
The Infant programs schedule is designed for the individual specific needs of each infant, therefore, routines such as diapering, feeding, sleeping, & outdoor times are individually met.

Our Routines:

Diapering Routine

Regardless of the stage your child is at when they attend the centre, teachers will work with parents to develop a program that works for each child. Proper hygiene (i.e. washing hands) are modelled by staff and incorporated into the daily routine. Please advise your child’s teacher(s) of any special routines or difficulties your child may have when toileting. Please provide the centre with diapers, wipes and any creams you apply during diapering.

Feeding Routines

Breast milk, formula & cereal will be prepared at the time of each individual’s infants routine. Please ensure shatter-proof bottles (including cap), are CLEARLY LABELED with the child’s name, and dated before being brought to the Centre. Bottles are warmed in hot water.

Nursing mothers are welcome to come to the Centre to feed their baby whenever possible. Communication with our Staff ensures that your child will be kept on a schedule that accommodates your availability to nurse.

Weekly menus are posted on our message board for our infants who are on solid foods. These foods are all prepared based on each infant's desired texture and level of readiness.

Rest Times:

Each infant sleeps based on their own schedule. Nap time for the rest of the centre is from 12:30-2:30pm. Infants are assigned their own cribs with their name and picture. Infants are always placed on their backs to sleep.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor activities are scheduled for approximately 30 minutes to an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon. During these times the infants will develop their gross motor skills and participate in planned outdoor class lessons. All children are required to have outdoor shoes that stay at the centre. Outdoor times will be modified according to weather changes.

Clothing should be appropriate for the weather and the season.

Fall – hat/cap, splash pants, coat, boots and/or shoes
Winter – hat, mitts/gloves, neck warmer, snow pants or snowsuit, winter coat, insulated boots and/or shoes
Spring – hat/cap, splash pants, rain coat/wind coat, rain boots, running shoes
Summer – hat/cap, light coat, rain boots, running shoes (open sandals are not recommended for safety and sanitary reasons), swimsuit, towel