Clarkson Angels
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Excellent nutrition is essential for growth and development in early childhood. Clarkson Angels provides a well-balanced, natural and nutritious menu which follows Canada’s Food Guide and exceeds the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act. Our menus are also approved by Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists. Weekly menus are posted and planned for each season always including 2-4 food groups daily. With this in mind, we have partnered with wonderful organization, Yummy Catering to bring your child healthy home style meals and snacks made from scratch. Clarkson Angels is a NUT FREE FACILITY.

Food Allergies
A medical note stating all food allergies must be on file for all children attending the centre. All allergy information is posted in each room and in the kitchen. Please notify staff immediately if there are any changes.

Due to severe life-threatening allergies, we ask that Parents refrain from sending child(ren) in the centre with any food. This includes unfinished breakfast and drinks (other than water and bottles for toddlers).

For more information on Anaphylatic Allergies
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